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Bernax Full Size Simulator

Bernax racing simulators

A class apart

The ultimate in sim racing. A formula car built completely as a simulator in color and livery of your choice. We build the Bernax Full Size in coordination with the customer, completely to the required specifications. A unique product for a unique experience.

Available in different types of arrangements. From a setup with Playstation for ease of use. To a high end set up with triple screen aimed at the ultimate experience. We are happy to help you put together the configuration that suits you.

Our sets are delivered to location fully installed.

race simulator

From € 45.000,-


Additional options

Other simulators

From € 3.750,-

Bernax Cockpit Simulator

The unique design combined with a realistic seating position makes this simulator a great choice for both home and work.
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From € 2.995,-

Bernax GT Simulator

Looking for an all-rounder? GT, Rally, Drag race or historic racing, this solid, modern simulator is adaptable to any type of car and race.

From € 9.995,-

Bernax Motion Cockpit

The design and seating position of our Cockpit simulator combined with the realism and quality experience of a motion system.