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High quality and unique design

Racing in a realistic Bernax Cockpit Simulator? Order this Bernax Cockpit Simulator and you will feel like a professional driver. The simulator can be supplied in any color and with decals as desired. This can be a team livery from your favorite racing team, a design you came up with yourself or we can help you design the simulator in your company’s corporate identity. Again, we are happy to think along with you in designing your simulator! The pedals and steering wheel are also installed exactly to your liking.

From € 3.750,-


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From € 2.995,-

Bernax GT Simulator

Looking for an all-rounder? GT, Rally, Drag race or historic racing, this solid, modern simulator is adaptable to any type of car and race.

From € 9.995,-

Bernax Motion Cockpit

The design and seating position of our Cockpit simulator combined with the realism and quality experience of a motion system.
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From € 45.000,-

Bernax Full Size Simulator

The Bernax Full Size is in a class of its own. A 1:1 formula car with sim hardware built in. Fully customizable to customer requirements.