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Bernax GT

The Bernax GT is a modern simulator with an industrial look and top line components. We can customize the GT for any type of event, be it Rally, GT or formula racing. This is the type of simulator everyone wants to have at home and will attract a lot of attention at an event. In addition, the GT has easy entry and exit and is suitable for all heights and postures.

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Bernax Cockpit Simulator

The Bernax cockpit simulator has a unique design and the seating position of a formula car. Highly suitable for custom branding/corporate logos. Connect multiple simulators and race against up to 20 others ..
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Full Size Race Simulator

An absolute showstopper. An unique opportunity to race a full-size formula car. An unforgettable experience. Also great for custom branding/corporate logos ..

VR Available!

Bernax Motion Cockpit

The Bernax Motion cockpit brings you even closer to the track. The design and seating position of our Cockpit simulator combined with the realism and experience of a motion system. The ultimate sim experience..

Full Size Show Car

With our official Williams show car or a replica of the 2022 model, you will give your visitors a chance to see these unique cars up close or take pictures with them. Ask for the ..

Available soon!

VR Pitstop challenge

Coming soon: the VR Pitstop Challenge. With this special VR experience, you suddenly find yourself in a Pit Box, ready to perfrom a wheel change on a formula car. This is a multi-player simulation game where speed and responsiveness are key…

reaction trainer

Train and test your responsiveness like a professional driver with the Batak Lite reaction trainer. Easy to operate. A great addition to any event. Improve your score and enter the fray..

Race decoration material

To create a true racing atmosphere at your promotion, trade show or event, Bernax also provides racing decoration materials upon request. The perfect decoration for any booth. Ask about the possibilities..

Good to know

We understand motorsport and simracing and are happy to think along with you in organizing the sim area of any type of event..