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Bernax Race Simulators

A racing simulator of your own, perfectly customized

Driving the 24 Hours of Le Mans from your living room or exploring next weekend’s GP with colleagues. For any gaming room, attic room or even cafeteria. Stop by our showroom and work with us to put together the simulator of your dreams. Each Bernax simulator is hand-built in the Netherlands.

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Our years of experience with racing simulators allow us to give you the best advice on the simulator that suits your situation. Check out the different types of simulators below or request a custom quote without obligation right away.

From € 3.750,-

Bernax Cockpit Simulator

The unique design combined with a realistic seating position makes this simulator a great choice for both home and work.

From € 2.995,-

Bernax GT Simulator

Looking for an all-rounder? GT, Rally, Drag race or historic racing, this solid, modern simulator is adaptable to any type of car and race.

From € 9.995,-

Bernax Motion Cockpit

The design and seating position of our Cockpit simulator combined with the realism and quality experience of a motion system.
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From € 35.000,-

Bernax Full Size Simulator

The Bernax Full Size is in a class of its own. A 1:1 formula car with sim hardware built in. Fully customizable to customer requirements.